About John Schoeman


my journey . . .

Many people have asked me to write a short bio about myself.  My philosophy about talking or bragging about myself and my accomplishments, have always been the following:  

This is NOT about me! I have already reached many milestones in my 21 years as a digital marketer, crypto investor and metaverse entrepreneur!

So, why the heck should you listen to me? What qualifies me to teach, mentor and coach you? Here’s a quick rundown of why I am uniquely qualified to help you reach your destination:

  • I learnt and latched on to a digital marketing concept called affiliate marketing 21 years ago. I created my first website and made my first $12.95 from a small little book company called Amazon (LOL)!
  • Seven years later I became a top Amazon seller and sold over $2 million in a single month with one product on the Amazon.com platform! 
  • In the span of seven years, I built and mentored a network of 2,300 sellers on Amazon (USA, UK, Canada), eBay (USA, UK, Australia, Canada), and thru direct response digital marketing we sold over $100 million worth of products!

Fast forward to the present: 

I entered the Crypto, NFT and Metaverse space because I could see what I saw 25 years ago when people doubted about even buying a book (or a pencil) online.  And, I’m not even mentioning entering a credit card online to buy something from someone, somewhere in cyberspace! Those were two hard pills for people to swallow.

I saw it! I got it!  And, I believe Jeff Bezos also got it!  

And like they say, the rest is history!

John Schoeman
Founder And CEO